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Fangirl Challenge: 5/5 TV Shows - "Lost (2004-2010)

See you in another life, brother.


over the hills and far away, a misty mountain hop. photos by michal karckz

when they were senpai, shota, pimp and tsundere

Did it ever occur to you that we don’t want to get in touch with our feelings? That actually feeling our feelings might make it impossible to survive in here?

you do know my name, though you don’t remember that I belong to it…


A fucking gifset XD




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OMG. I never saw it. Until now. OMG.

Yeah I heard about this before! Those basic fears break concentration and weaken the mind, hence why the psychics are weak to those types!

I spent six years in the darkness, and I looked into the eyes of the devil… and I gave him my s o u l.




I love pirates because they have no concept on albeism. oh you have no leg? here have a peg leg. no hand?? well guess we gotta put a hook on that, give those sons of bitches a surprise. Blind in one eye, put an eyepatch on no one fucking cares, youre deaf??? go man the canons you glorious bastard.They dont care if youre disabled bcus as long as you can fuck shit up they literally dont fucking care.

I never thought about it this way. This is beautiful.

If we’re playing a trick on someone let’s use a trickster.

one of ten female characters : Jem Walker (in the flesh)

People think I’m this rough, tough, gun-toting badass, but I’m not. I never was.

there’s what i believe and then there’s  y o u